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Incandescent Games

Release Timeline:

Early Access 2024

Survival Mode 2025

Multiplayer 2026

Full release 2027


Steam PC


Regular Price


PlanetSmith is a sandbox building and crafting survival voxel game set on spherical worlds. Players will explore procedurally generated planets, build rockets and explore the universe.

Unlike all other voxel games the world is a spherical planet unlocking exciting exploration and gameplay opportunities.

The game will be released initially on Steam EarlyAccess as a premium game offering at first only single player creative mode.


The game will have two game modes; survival and creative, both of which can either be played as a single player experience or on a server as a multiplayer game. No matter which mode the player chooses the worlds are made out of hexagonal blocks which provides a novel building experience but also allows for the surface to be curved into a planet.

Survival Mode

In survival mode the player will spawn into an earth-like procedurally generated world. They will then have to find resources, craft tools and build shelter to protect themselves from the creatures that come out at night. Once they have established themselves, players will go on quests, explore dungeons and fight bosses in order to obtain the technology they need to build a spaceship. They will then be able to fly to other planets in the solar system, gather more advanced resources allowing them to build a gateway which will open up the endgame letting them do interstellar travel.

Creative Mode
Creative mode is a pure building mode and is all about enabling the players' own creativity. Players will be able to choose the type of starting planet they want for world generation, then they have access to an infinite supply of all building blocks and can build anything they can imagine. Players can fly so the sky really is the limit!



  • Huge spherical planets (100 km2) 

  • Hexagonal voxels allowing for new ways to build

  • Creative and survival playmodes

  • Procedurally generated planets

  • Space exploration with alien worlds

  • 1 Billion loaded voxels (1km view distance)

  • Physically based atmosphere with full day night cycle

  • PBR lighting using Forward+ rendering (256 lights)

  • Server based multiplayer


Steam Next Fest Teaser Trailer


Monetization Permission

Incandescent Games Limited allows for the contents of PlanetSmith to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from PlanetSmith is legally & explicitly allowed by Incandescent Games Limited. This permission can be found in writing at

About Incandescent Games

Incandescent Games is a solo independent developer founded by Kenneth Ward and based in Auckland, New Zealand. With previous experiences in developing several other titles and having a focus on puzzle games, Kenneth has been hard at work creating PlanetSmith to explore other genres and hopes to continue expanding in the near future.

PlanetSmith Credits

Kenneth Ward

Designer, Programmer, Generalist

Nicholas Harris


Dylan Galletly

Music & Audio


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